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How to Set Up Your Seller Profile

Here's how to design your own seller account on Lift Vault Market.

Seller Profile Set Up Steps

  1. To start, make sure you're logged into the site admin section.
  2. Navigate to Profile --> My Account within the navigation menu.
  3. The only required fields are Seller Name (your real name) and Seller Shop Name (what customers see on the Market).
  4. Recommended: Write a description of your store/brand. This will be displayed on your product listings and your store's page. This should describe your experience, expertise, and why people should want to work with you. See below for tips on how to make your description look extra nice.
  5. Optional: upload the following images to make your listings look better: seller profile image, seller shop logo, and seller shop banner.

Adding a Heading to Your Store Description

When you're writing your store description, we recommend writing "About %your_store_name" as an H2.

Here's how it looks when it's done. "About Kizen Training" is the H2 in this example.

See how it's way easier to understand the purpose of the bio with the heading above it?

Here's how you can achieve this for your own page.

First, write your bio as you normally would with the text you want to become the h2 at the top.

Next, highlight the text that you want to become the h2.

Then use the formatting menu to choose "heading 2" as the new format.

The result should look like this.



Here's a quick video showing the step-by-step process.







Updated on 27 Oct 2022