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How to Add Digital Download Products (Spreadsheet, Ebook)

If you'd like to add digital downloads like program spreadsheets or ebooks to your store, you can learn how to do this here.

How to Add Digital Download Products

  1. Start within your store's admin section.
  2. Within the Products dropdown, select Product Listings
  3. Select Add Product
  4. Enter the product name
  5. Select a product type - you'll want to select "Ebook" or "Program spreadsheet"
  6. Enter a product description
  7. Enter a product policy
  8. Add your price
  9. Decide if you want to track inventory
  10. Select "digital product as file" or "digital product as link"
  11. Upload file or provide download link
  12. Fill in as many custom fields as you want (mandatory fields will be marked)
  13. Add product images up to 1024 x 1024 pixels.


We strongly recommend enabling FAQs for your products so users can ask you questions before placing an order.


Digital Product as File vs Digital Product as Link


Digital Product as File

If your product exists as a file, like a .xls file, then select "digital product as file" and attach the associated file.


Digital Product as Link

If your product exists as a link, like a Google Sheets link, then select "digital product as link" and paste the URL.

If linking to a Google Sheet, please be sure that the Google Sheet cannot be edited by the user and they can only make a copy.

In fact, you can provide a URL in such a way that the user has to make a copy. Here is how to do that.




Here's a quick video showing the step-by-step process.


Here's another quick video showing how the demo product from the above video looks to users.

Updated on 16 Oct 2022