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How to Write a Product Policy

Your product policy should be a short (1-2 sentence) description of what the user can expect after they make a purchase. This has three critical components:


  1. How will they get the product?
  2. When will they get the product?
  3. What is the return policy?

Below you'll find pre-made product policies that you can copy and paste for your own products.


Product Policy for Digital Download Products

For product types like program spreadsheets or ebooks, you can use the following product policy:

You will receive your digital download immediately after purchase. According to Lift Vault Market's return policy, digitial downloads are refundable within 30 days.


Product Policy for Coaching, Custom Programs, etc.

For product types like coaching services or custom programs, you can use the following product policy:

The seller will contact you within 7 days after purchase to begin working together. This service is non-refundable except in cases of non-delivery by the seller (see Lift Vault Market's return policy). 


You (the seller) can choose any value up to 10 days, but we recommend getting in touch with customers ASAP after their order is complete in order to get started.


What if I want to offer a different return policy vs. Lift Vault Market's default return policy?

As stated in Lift Vault Market's return policy, sellers can choose to offer a more generous return policy on their products and services. Sellers cannot offer more restrictive return policies than Lift Vault Market's standard policies.


Here are examples of seller modifications that would be allowed:

  1. Offering a 90 day return window on digital download products instead of a 30 day window.
  2. Offering refunds on coaching services if the customer is not satisfied with the services provided.
  3. A seller can offer a full refund to a customer if they determine they are not a good fit for their services.


Here are examples of seller modificaitons that would not be allowed:

  1. Not offering refunds on digital downloads.
  2. Not offering refunds on coaching services after not communicating with the customer for 14 days of purchase.
  3. Not offering a refund on custom programming after not delivering a workable program to the customer within 14 days of purchase.

Updated on 18 Sep 2022