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How to Add a Product to Your Store

When adding a product, you will need to select a product type.

Here's a definition of each product type so you can determine which applies to your product.

Each product type links out to a dedicated article where you can get more detail about how to add that product type to your store.



Custom Programming

Custom programming is when you design a customized program for the customer without providing ongoing coaching or support. It is a "one and done" transaction.


This should be defined as digital product as service, since you will need to gather information from the user before delivering the finished custom program.


Most custom programs will use a format of "Custom Spreadsheet," which means that you will deliver the program in the form of a spreadsheet. However, if you deliver your programs through another mechanism (e.g. App), then you should select the appropriate option.


If you don't see the appropriate option listed, contact support@liftvault.com


Learn how to add a custom program product to your store.


Custom Programming vs Online Coaching Services

Here I will explain the difference between custom programming and online coaching services.


Custom programming is a "one and done" transaction, whereas online coaching services entails programming, program adjustments, feedback, and ongoing support.


Once a custom program has been provided to the customer, the transaction is mostly finished. The customer may have questions about the program for you to answer, which is reasonable, but you are not the coach of the customer. 


Online coaching services entail a deeper, ongoing relationship with the customer. You are their coach for a predefined amount of time.


Online Coaching Services

An online coach provides a variety of coaching services to their clients for a predefined amount of time.

Online coaching typically includes many of the following elements:

  • Customized programming based on the client's goals
  • Regular check-ins with the client
  • Feedback on the client's performance and recommendations for improvement
  • Nutrition planning
  • Adjustments based on performance and client feedback


Learn how to add online coaching services to your store.

Program Spreadsheet

A program spreadsheet is an instant download of a file (e.g. XLS spreadsheet) or a link where the user can download the spreadsheet. 


PDF files are not allowed to be marketed as spreadsheets.


Learn how to add a digital download product to your store.


An ebook is an instant download of a file (e.g. PDF) or a link where the user can download the content.


Learn how to add a digital download product to your store.


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Updated on 10 Dec 2022