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Sheiko Intermediate Off-Season Program

Sheiko Intermediate Off-Season Program

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Do you want to get stronger?

If you answered no to the question, you can leave this page right now. For everyone else, this MIGHT be the program you're looking for. I say MIGHT instead of DEFINITELY because around here, we don't sell lies.

You see, it's true. We've collaborated exclusively with Professor Boris Sheiko, arguably the most decorated and respected powerlifting Coach in history. He's Coached more drug-tested champions in the IPF than anyone else. His results are legendary, his methods influential across the entire powerlifting sport. And he's developed for us two unique training programs.

But this might not be for you.


Because these programs are intended for a very specific audience. It is meant for people that can stay dedicated to a program, following it exactly as laid out. It is meant for people who apply themselves at the gym, not just go through the motions. It is meant for people that want to get stronger. Lastly, these programs are designed mainly for intermediate lifters.

You've probably heard the term intermediate be thrown around. Everyone has their own definition. Professor Sheiko's definition might surprise you. An Intermediate individual is usually measured by time spent lifting and their total relative to bodyweight.

An Intermediate lifter is defined as someone who has spent at least 2 years training and has a Wilks of between 300-450.

If you don't know what a Wilks is we can define an intermediate lifter more broadly here. If you've been lifting for at least a few years but are NOT considered an Elite lifter (with your numbers), you probably fall within the intermediate spectrum. All three of us who started Kizen Training still fall within the intermediate category (aka we can still follow this program).

So Is This You?

If you're a beginner you have no place doing a program like this. If you are an advanced/elite lifter, you should already be getting customized coaching (as a template probably insufficient for your needs at this point). All in all, an intermediate lifter describes the vast majority of you probably reading this page.

And the good news?

Now for the first time, Professor Sheiko's methodology is properly translated into English with the full support of Professor Boris Sheiko. Included is an extensive interview overviewing the program, its intention and function. This is the most complete representation of the Sheiko methodology in the West.

That Ain't Sheiko

You've probably heard of some Sheiko programs floating around on the Internet. Professor Sheiko made it clear that those programs are misrepresentations of his programming. In fact, he said, the most common one people see on the Internet he developed for a 15-year-old female lifter who struggled on the bench press! He was quite perturbed by how misrepresented some of his training philosophy.

You might think you know Sheiko...but trust us when we say you probably don't.

We've crunched the numbers (average volume/intensity, #of sets, etc), and this program is quite distinct from what is out there.

Why Choose Sheiko?

If your goal is to become a better lifter, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better program for intermediate lifters. Learn from the man who has accumulated more medals, accolades and champions than any other Coach in the history of powerlifting. If you want to be the best, you need to learn from the best. We are proud to be able to exclusively offer you these programs.

Besides this new program being made specifically by Sheiko as the definitive intermediate program, there are several very cool extras. These include a full exercise library for all the accessory movements. These exercise demonstrations feature Professor Sheiko himself explaining how to correctly perform each of his special accessory movements. These include a full list of accessory movements.

In addition, there is an exclusive 1 hour+ interview with Professor Sheiko going over lifting and programming, an extensive guide detailing how to use the program. It will help guide you along the process of maximizing your strength!

Will This Work For Me?

I want to state clearly that this program is NOT for everyone. We aren't here to try and sell you any lies. These programs are designed for a specific purpose and for a specific audience.

Are you an intermediate lifter (by our definitions)?

Do you want to get stronger?

If you answer yes to both of these questions then these programs might be for you.

It's time to take your training to the next level.

Are you ready for the Sheiko program?

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PROGRAM GOALS Powerlifting
SKILL LEVEL Advanced, Intermediate

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