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12 Week Powerlifting Program

12 Week Powerlifting Program

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Since the dawn of time people have been testing their strength. You only have to take a look at mythology to see characters like Hercules, Gilgamesh and Thor being highly praised for their strength. Moreso than aesthetics, strength has been a pursuit of lifting for thousands of years.

And if I had to try and summarize why in one sentence, it would be; strength is f*cking awesome.

There is something insanely satisfying about being able to progressively lift more weight over time. Overcoming weights you never thought possible, digging deep into yourself and pulling out a victory. And unlike aesthetics, there is an objective way of looking at your accomplishments.

As Henry Rollins said, 200lb is 200lb. Either you got the lift or you didn't.

If we're being honest, all three of us in our hearts care a little bit more about strength than we do aesthetics. It satisfies a basic human need, a primitive desire. To compete, to thrive and to ultimate conquer.

So this program is very special to us. You see while our powerbuilding program focuses equally on getting stronger/building more muscle, this program has one sole purpose: to make you really strong. Sure, doing this program will absolutely help you build more muscle but the #1 priority is strength and will always be strength.

Whether you plan on competing or not doesn't matter for this program, but we do split it up into two phases. The first is your offseason, this is where you develop a base of strength, working largely in the 65-85% range. The second is when you test the strength you have, this is the peaking phase. For an optimal outcome in terms of what you can lift, both are very important.

Most strength programs either focus on the offseason or are hyperspecific for when you compete. For us, we've included both phases. This is a comprehensive strength program designed to make you stronger.

If the iron has always called you and you have that primal feeling of wanting to get stronger, to be better, this program is for you.

Rage, Achilles.

What Is Included:

  • Full 12 Week Periodized Peaking Training Program - 4 Days a week
  • Silent Mike's Infinite Off-Season System
  • Optional Deload Program
  • Strength Made Simple PDF
  • Exercise Video Library
  • Full Program Overview Video
  • Full Guide To Competing Video
  • Squat/Bench/Deadlift Common Weaknesses Video (1 hour of content)

Take your training to the next level. Get our pure strength program.

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Extra Information

FORMAT Spreadsheet Download
PROGRAM GOALS Powerlifting
PROGRAM LENGTH 12 weeks, 2 weeks
SKILL LEVEL Intermediate

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