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12 Week Powerbuilding Program

12 Week Powerbuilding Program

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If you don't want to build muscle and get stronger you should stop reading right now. For the everyone else, this program is for you.

I can't think of a single lifter who doesn't want to look better AND lift more weight (besides my friend Toby, but he was sensitive soul). Lifting heavy is fun as hell and looking great is its own reward.

So why do most people never reach their goals?

I think the problem is that we get caught up in being part of a particular group and follow programs that specialize in terms of that one goal. So you'll get a good powerlifting program that will help make grow your squat, bench and deadlift but without the necessary volume to add a lot of muscle to your body. You get stronger but you don't look stronger.

The same could be said about the bodybuilding bros who do a lot of volume and variations of movements but aren't very strong. 225Lb on the bench is still difficult. So while they might LOOK like they lift, they aren't actually lifting a lot of weight.

So what the hell is the problem?

The problem is programming.

A proper program has a clear progression scheme aimed at getting the lifter to their goals. 3 x 10 on the bench press isn't a program. A program is a nuanced plan to get a lifter from where they are starting out to where they want to be. A proper program separates those who get gains from those who look the same year after year.

Before we go on I have to admit that yes there are a lot of online programs claiming to be “powerbuilding” programs. But the truth is that most of these programs are just powerlifting programs with more volume. Do you really think you are going to grow a lot more just by adding 3x10 on bicep curls at the end of your workout?!

It won't and that's why you are here.

What we have done here is taken the essence of a powerlifting program combined with the essence of a bodybuilding program and combined them together. A powerlifting program should focus on a proper progression scheme to get stronger. Focus should be placed on the big three and higher percentages should be used. For bodybuilding you need the proper exercise variation and volume to stimulate your muscles to grow. Hitting muscles frequently and with enough reps/sets to grow.

We've combined these two worlds to create a TRUE powerbuilding program.

And this isn't our first rodeo. We released previously another Powerbuilding program last year that was super popular. A lot of people got the results they wanted. The feedback was extremely positive. We took everyone's feedback when creating the successor to make this program arguably better than the first.

What are the major differences between Powerbuilding 2.0 (this one) and our previous program (Powerbuilding 1.0)?


1-Highly requested 5x a week split
Our previous program was 6x per week and this was hard for some people to follow. This program has been reduced to 5x per week (increasing the volume per workout to compensate) so it is more feasible for everyone to complete!

2-More traditional split
Our previous program broke up days between strength and hypertrophy. This worked well but in order to focus more on the big three, we've gone back to a more traditional split to up the frequency of the big three. You'll be practicing the squat/bench/deadlift more but still getting A LOT of variation and volume to grow.

3-More specificity on Powerlifting with some heavier loads
This program really focuses on the essence of what getting stronger is all about. Frequency and specificity of the Big Three are prioritized and intensity is increased. This program is superior for building your strength.

4-More options for variations and customization
Hypertrophy is very much about finding the movements you like and becoming better at them. On the hypertrophy side we've added much more variations and options to customize movements in order to tweak this program for you. The individual is considered a lot more in this program and thus it is a more flexible program. Let nothing stop you from your gains.

5-More flexibility with RPE - autoregulation
Our previous program relied on you being able to control your life outside of the gym in order to guarantee performance week to week. This program is much more flexible to the everyday realities everyone faces. Auto regulation aka adjusting the workouts based upon your potential for the day is prioritized here. The workouts will fit better with you.

If you've already gotten our Powerbuilding 1.0 this is the next program for you to follow. And if you haven't picked up our Powerbuilding 1.0, look at the major differences above and find out which one is better for you. Powerbuilding 2.0 IS more flexible and feasible for most people to do but again it is up to you.

This program is designed to maximize strength AND hypertrophy. We will guide you through this entire process, making it as simple and easy to follow as we possibly can. From giving you a clear program to follow, showing you how to correctly perform every movement, how to figure out your optimal macros and troubleshooting your technique to maximize performance are all included here. We WANT you to succeed.

The best part is that this program is designed to work with everyone. None of us have amazing genetics (I mean, just look at my calves). But through our combined decades of lifting and coaching, we've managed to decipher the simple principles of getting stronger and bigger. If you are tired of not seeing the results you deserve, get our Powerbuilding Program 2.0. You won't be disappointed.

What Is Included:

  • Full 12 Week Periodized Training Program - 5 days a week
  • Macro Bulking Calculator
  • Powerbuilding Complete PDF
  • Extensive Exercise Video Library
  • Squat/Bench/Deadlift Tutorial Video (1 hour of content)
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FORMAT Spreadsheet Download
PROGRAM GOALS Hypertrophy, Strength
PROGRAM LENGTH 12 weeks, 2 weeks
SKILL LEVEL Intermediate

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