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12 Week Maximum Hypertrophy Program

12 Week Maximum Hypertrophy Program

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We need to be clear up front, this program is for those that really want it. You want to build size, and thats the MAIN goal. You want to be jacked as all hell, and just maybe, have everyone mistake you for Arnold. This is the program for those that know what they are doing in the gym and are ready to gain that size they always wanted.

This program IS for people that want to MAXIMIZE HYPERTROPHY.

What do I mean when I say that?

I mean that individuals who will gravitate towards this program have one clear goal: to build more muscle mass. All over. Calves included. Most people have multiple goals. Get stronger. Get leaner. Build more muscle. However to truly accomplish any goal, you have to be singular in your approach. You CAN get stronger while losing weight. You CAN build muscle while getting stronger.

But to maximize any single goal?

You need to focus on it completely. You need to choose. Like right now. Is building muscle your number one goal?

A lot of us like to also get strong. And on this program you might get stronger because of our large emphasis on compound movements. But it is NOT a strength program. Simply put, the amount of volume in the program will make it difficult to truly maximize strength. At the same time, this is a perfect program to run offseason from competing in powerlifting because there is a HEAVY emphasis on compound movements and the big three. You will build a lot of muscle, which can only assist in your quest for strength.

What makes this program unique?

I'm sure you've seen a lot of size programs out there. There are a multitude of ways to pursue hypertrophy. If you look at the literature, there are many viable methods. For us, because we are barbell enthusiasts, we designed a program that is most congruent with still getting stronger. Progressive overload and taking a periodized approach to volume are cornerstones of this program.

This program is a combination of our shared three decades worth of experience lifting and coaching. In addition we take a look at the currently available research as it relates to hypertrophy and try to combine experience with evidence to produce a program suited for natural lifters.

When you combine all of this, we think we have made a program that is astonishingly effective at adding mass all over.

We are not offering any false promises here. You need to put in the work. Day after day. Week after week.

But you also need a program that can direct all of your energy and produce the results you are after. And this is what our program represents. A proven methodology for an affordable price. Take out the guesswork from your training and get the results you deserve.

If you are unsatisfied with your current progress in the gym (which, if you are reading this far, I think you are), it is time to get our Maximum Hypertrophy program.

Just don't blame us if you have problems walking through doorways afterward.

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FORMAT Spreadsheet Download
PROGRAM LENGTH 12 weeks, 2 weeks
SKILL LEVEL Advanced, Intermediate

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