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Online Training + Nutrition Coaching

Online Training + Nutrition Coaching

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I guide individuals toward their desired physique and health without fad diets, excessive exercise, or overpriced supplements.

Online Nutrition+Training coaching for Fat Loss/Muscle Gain/ General Health includes:

  1. Custom nutrition plan
    1. macros [with suggested meal-by-meal macros]/ meal plan/ hybrid depending on needs]
    2. your lifestyle and preference will be accounted for
  2. Custom training plan
    1. tailored to your schedule, with exercise selection, exercise order, reps, sets, intensity, etc all laid out for you.
    2. video form check if desired
  3. Weekly check-ins
    1. to evaluate progress and to see if any adjustments need to be made
    2. adjustments to nutrition and/or training plans are on an as-needed based on progress and biofeedback.
  4. Unlimited communication
    1. email and WhatsApp

Client's duty: 
  • measure your food
  • track your metrics in your provided google spreadsheet. This may include tracking daily morning scale weight and other biofeedback data.
  • track training in your provided google spreadsheet. 
  • ensure your spreadsheet is up to date by check-in time.
  • ask questions and reach out if you face any issues, I'm here to help you. 
I promise a safe and supportive environment for you to share your health and wellness concerns. I promise to treat you with respect, and I will do my utmost to give you all the guidance, support, and accountability needed so you make progress toward your goal and get to where you want to be. 

I recommend a 12 weeks initial commitment. This is a reasonable amount of time to establish momentum and develop a framework for creating lasting progress. I refuse to diet you poorly or prescribe excessive exercise that might deliver quick results but will compromise your long-term health.

Questions before committing? You can reach me at or on Instagram
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Extra Information

COACHING TYPE powerlifting coaching, bodybuilding coaching, nutrition coaching, general fitness coaching, conditioning coaching, hypertrophy coaching
DURATION OF COACHING (WEEKS) 4 weeks, 12 weeks, 6 months

Customer Reviews

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Dorthy Roi
going great so far

I’m really enjoying the attention to detail and the level of attention. I’m learning more than I expected. Imee is exceeding my expectations and I’m starting to get results right away. greatly appreciate this opportunity and hopefully it’s mutually helpful.